Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out

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· Bee Safe City Template (How we did it and so can you!

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Support the Saving  America’s  Pollinators  Act

The Saving America’s Pollinator Act is being re-drafted for the 115th Congress. Please check back for details on supporting.

Legislative Alerts

Legislators thwart efforts to protect bees

- agriculture committees stripped away all pollinator provisions from omnibus agriculture bills in spite of science base recommendations

- legislators are attempting to go a step further by undermining MDA’s authority to direct safe and effective use of all pesticides

- two bills in the Senate contain language that would strip MDA of its longstanding responsibility to ensure compliance with pesticide labels - the heart of Minnesota’s pesticide law

This language is a major overreach gutting MDA authority.


What should I tell legislators and Governor Dayton?

Ask your legislators to:

- Support MDA’s proposals to create a treated seed program and a pollinator protection account

- Stop proposals that would gut MDA’s authority to make sure that pesticides are used safely and according to their label

Please make sure that pollinators get the attention they deserve. More

Who represents me? Download this handy call sheet to find and list your Minnesota State and Federal Legislators.